As soon as a professional investor is onboard, they will want to be kept informed about successes and failures and the general development of the start-up. The most important thing, however, is that company founders can focus on the essentials. That’s why we keep our reporting requirements as lean as possible. Most companies collect data in a very similar way anyway, so they can keep an eye on their own processes. Here are some typical examples of data we request from our companies:

MD&A/Debits & Credits: a monthly business evaluation of the past period.

Cash statement: information on how high the burn rate is, how long the money will last, if money is coming in.

Staff: information on how many people are in your team.

Management summary: a bit of free text about how the business is developing. Often this part is covered in a monthly call.

In most cases, MD&A and Debits & Credits are directly and automatically supplied by the tax advisor. For the remaining numbers we provide a compact spreadsheet, which is populated once a month. The aim is not to spend more than 30 minutes a month on the spreadsheet. You can decide how to send us the documents. Nowadays we often set up a cloud storage from which we can extract the data. Just not by fax please 😉

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