Innovative, fast-growing and independent: our target group.

Our target group are innovative companies with ideas and strong growth prospects in the region of Aachen. For us a strategic corporate concept and competent management are essential features – as well as a convincing competitive position with clear unique selling points.
With our equity capital solutions we support your company foundation and growth; our team of experts is at your disposal at any time. The maintenance of the entrepreneur’s independence is one of our objectives. We do not need a lot of words to describe our philosophy of cooperative partnership: The entrepreneur pursues his growth objectives autonomously, we use our equity capital for providing business advantages and additional benefits from our network.


Stimulating growth in the region – the SEED FUND Aachen & Mönchengladbach for technology-oriented start-ups.

With the SEED FUND AACHEN & MÖNCHENGLADBACH, we support innovative start-ups whose concepts show real promise and provide finance to budding businesses with a strong focus on technology. In order to be eligible to receive financing from S-UBG’s SEED FUND Aachen & Mönchengladbach:

  • The enterprise must be technology oriented
  • The business must be based in the economic region of Aachen/Mönchengladbach
  • The company must have been founded no more than 18 months ago

Thanks to the resources of the SEED FUND AACHEN & MÖNCHENGLADBACH and its associated co-investors, we are able to invest up to approx. 1.5 million euros to finance businesses in their product concept and start-up phases right up to the production of prototypes. Please visit for more details of our start-up funds.


The reason for investment in start-ups, illustrated by the example of vimecon GmbH

Early phase

Innovative concepts displaying entrepreneurial vision: S-VC GmbH is your venture capital partner.

An innovative concept, whether technology oriented or not, can both transform existing markets and create new ones. In our current fast-moving economy, many concepts are dependent on a short time to market in order to ensure the best chance of commercial success. This is precisely how S-UBG supports promising start-ups with venture capital from S-VC. As is the case for other forms of investment, the first step to obtaining venture capital from S-VC GmbH is our expert team’s assessment of the business plan. After having established ‘Proof of Concept’ in this way, we finance selected business concepts during the early stage: from the build-up of manufacturing through the market launch and into the growth phase. Thanks to our involvement with risk capital, we are also able to open up new opportunities to secure additional public funding for the overall project. Please see the download area for some success stories relating to our venture capital investments.